Dumpster Diving Freegan-Style

freegans Dumpster Diving Freegan-Style

Freegans are a close relative to the vegan movement and form their name from two words, “free” and “vegan”. Like their vegan cousins, Freegans avoid buying anything that may have contributed or promoted to the mistreatment of humans, land, and animals. However, they take the vegan concept one-step farther by avoiding consumerism, which they believe is the reason for most, if not all, of the mistreatment that has become synonymous with modern lifestyle.

In order to acquire food, Freegans generally participate in what’s called ‘dumpster diving’. They begin by studying the garbage removal habits of local restaurants and grocery stores to figure out the best times to forage for unwanted food and products deemed not fit by retailers. Then, at peak times, they will rummage through the dumpsters; taking with them food they consider still good to eat.

In larger cities, Freegans need not worry about storing the food they collect since there is an abundance of freshly disposed food ripe for dining several times a day. Some Freegans even have unofficial agreements with employees who leave food beside the dumpster rather than inside.

As admiral as these waste-not-want-not dining habits are, Freegans are not generally viewed in a positive light, particularly by businesses who claim that the food and products in their dumpsters are not fit for human consumption. Anything that is, has already been donated to local charities but Freegans argue the validity of ‘best before dates’ and stand by their beliefs.

However, Freegans do have standards in what they will consume and do not take opened packages or perishables such as fruits and vegetables that are clearly rotten.

Freeganism is not for the faint at heart, or stomach. They take their lifestyle very seriously and if they must purchase a good, they will attempt to buy it second or third hand, rather than new. They will also trade their own possessions or offer a service instead of money to obtain any items they may need.

They believe their dumpster diving is an opportunity to make a moral and political statement about the wastefulness of today’s society.

freegans2 Dumpster Diving Freegan-Style

Tell a Freegan that they’re freeloading and they’re likely to agree but will quickly add that their lifestyle is the only thing that makes waste worthwhile.

Worried that you are being consumed by your consumerism? Maybe Freeganism is for you.

How Real Men Cook

Let’s be honest – real men hate cooking. Don’t get me wrong – we like grilling, barbequing and marinating, hell; we don’t even mind occasionally boiling a pot of water. But when it comes to aprons, whisks and words like ‘béchamel’, ‘demi-glace’ or ‘flambé’, we want no part of it.

Unfortunately for mankind everywhere, we get hungry. In fact, we get really hungry several times a day. Since a man’s got to eat, we’ve come up with a few creative ways you can cook some grub and still keep your manliness intact. After all, we don’t care how it’s cooked as long as we can eat it.

1)    Iron Grilled Cheese


Somewhere along the line, we’re sure a friend, a girlfriend or your mom gave you an iron. We suggest taking it out of the box, dusting it off and putting it to good use making a classic grilled cheese sandwich. Just make sure the steam setting isn’t on.

2)    Torched Leftovers


Still got some Mushu pork from House of Hong leftover in the fridge? Grab the blowtorch, throw it in a non-plastic dish (we can’t stress this part enough) and give that take-out a good searing. It’s much cooler than using the microwave and who doesn’t like a good excuse to play with fire?

3)    Electrofried Hot Dogs


Hot dogs are a staple in any man’s home since they’re so damn easy to cook. You can boil ‘em, fry ‘em, grill ‘em and for the man who loves a dangerous challenge, you can electrocute ‘em, too. All you need are few simple tools like a power cord and wire strippers, and you can enjoy a delicious hot dog and maybe even a 220v shock.

4)    Radiator Eggs

rm4 How Real Men Cook

Every man likes eggs in the morning and that goes double if you’re hung-over. So when you wake up on a cold morning feeling like a bus hit you, turn up the heat and throw a pan of eggs on the radiator. It’s the ultimate in lazy cooking and if the radiator is next to your couch, you don’t even have to get your hurting ass up.

5)    Cooking with 500 Horsepower


One of man’s most prized possessions is his car. They’re reliable, easy to fix and even help pick up the ladies, so it makes sense they can cook our grub too. Whether you’re taking a road trip with the guys or just feel like showing off, you can cook an entire steak and potato meal on your car’s engine. Dirt and grease won’t help the flavor so make sure you have some tin foil on hand.

6)    Caveman Cooking


There is no more sacred or manly method of cooking food then over a roaring, open flame. When the iron is broken and the car’s in the shop, get in tune with your ancient cavemen and make a fire pit in your back yard. Grab a lawn chair, open a cold one and you won’t even feel like you’re cooking when the smell of the outdoors and charred beef hits your nostrils.


No meal is complete without a frothy brew to wash it down so for the ultimate beverage dispensing machine, hook up a keg of beer to your fridge’s water dispenser. This gentlemen, is what we like to call a ‘culinary masterpiece’.


Health Over Just Taste: A New Take in Looking at Herbal Foods

As people go back to the basics of eating organic food, it has been very normal to see herbs in the standard food ration of every household. Herbs are not only used in adding flavor to the food that we eat but also has the healing power in maintaining our body’s overall health and fitness.

There are numerous herbal foods to choose from. As a matter of fact, we may have even have one or two being grown in our backyards. Herbal foods have elevated the status of traditional medication and have proved more than ever that nothing beats the power of natural healing. With these positive acclaims for herbal foods, we must get acquainted with what they actually are and see how specific herbal foods give specific benefits.


Aside from being good a good complement in pasta recipes and steak, rosemary is also an herbal food that is good for the heart. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases by strengthening our blood vessels. It also has an active agent known for avoiding the spread of cancer cells in the body called carnosol. Rosemary is also an herbal food taken when indigestion is felt. More so, it has also been proven to aid memory function and muscular efficiency.


Another famous household herbal food is parsley. While it adds to the aroma of pizzas, parsley is also an antioxidant. It is also a good source of Vitamin A for better eyesight and Vitamin C for a healthier immune system. Parsley is also good in odding out higher risks for hypertension because it reduces blood pressure. Scientific studies have also shown that parsley inhibit the growth of cancer cells due to its active component called apigenin.


This herbal food is not only good for pastries but is also good in keeping our bodies away from bacteria. Cinnamon is known to be of great help to bacteria-caused illnesses because it is a natural antibiotic with high anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a good natural medication for gastrointestinal problems like indigestion and diarrhea. Most strikingly, cinnamon also helps in lowering our sugar levels and in eliminating bad cholesterol mostly found in people with hypertension and type two diabetes.


Like parsley, chives are also good sources of antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Specifically, chives are said to be a good herbal food in preventing a specific type of cancer called gastric cancer. Since it helps the body in having better digestion, it reduces the risk of abnormal digestive system movements and makes sure that all gastric juices are in balance.

Bay Leaves

Put your steak aside and chew on your bay leaves for sinus relief. Bay leaves contain an essential oil called cineole which is a good agent in easing your discomfort brought about by sinusitis. This essential oil lessens chances of sinus inflammation and continuous fluid buildup which blocks the air that we inhale and exhale during sinusitis. Moreover, bay leaves are also proven in their effectives to wade off arthritis and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

To sum, herbal foods are not just flavor-adding ingredients to the food that we eat. These herbal foods, in themselves, create not only a more satisfied palate but also healthier bodies.

What You Know Will Save You: Getting More Knowledgeable on Food Supplements

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and generally how they weigh. Because of proven healing power, not only have herbs and other natural ingredients become staple food found in our fridge but have also been innovatively put into capsules for an added placebo effect.

Dietary or food supplements have become a growing market in the world today. The medical industry is continuously capitalizing on these  nature wonders as they are infused in our favorite food and beverages or may be consciously drank before or after meals in capsules, tablets, candies or even powders. They are called supplements however, because instead of taking the actual food, they are taken to do the substituting. Thus, one is guaranteed to have avoided excess calories.

The Food Supplement Barrage

Unlike medicines, food supplements are not that much regulated in the US. As such, one could frequently see versions of food supplements being constantly stocked in groceries, pharmacies and even in the internet for online buying. People say that taking food supplement satisfies health-related reasons. While these supplements do not directly cure or treat diseases, they help in maintaining a body that is geared for not regularly getting sick.

It is important to note however, that this food supplement barrage is also caused by doctors and medical experts explicitly endorsing their necessity. Moreover, it cannot be denied that even today’s advanced medical technology would admit that medicines manufactured under pharmaceutical laboratories are hybrid versions of combined natural ingredients.

Satisfying the Fad for a Fit Body

It has been previously mentioned that food supplements do not directly treat diseases. The lingering question would be, why is it even used?

The answer lies on the fundamental truth that this generation aches for a fit body without getting uneasy in eating the actual vegetable or fruit. Fortunately, regular intake of food supplements has generated good results. As a matter of fact, gym and fitness centers have also refurnished their fitness and wellness programs by adding food supplements in them. Both men and women who are into toning their figures have also made testimonials on the positive effect of food supplements in achieving the figure they want. Furthermore, food supplements have also been advised to be taken in by pregnant women for general health and storing up energy for her and the baby.

Possible Downsides

Regardless of how food supplements generally contribute to our wellness, we must also be attuned and open to the idea that they may cause possible downsides.

Like normal medicines, food supplements might also trigger allergic reactions or might interact with other supplements and medicine you may be taking. Incompatibility among the medicines you are taking might give adverse effects to your body.

Also, because food supplements lack standardized manufacturing, level of contents might differ. With this, the side effects of food supplements differ too. Food supplements bought in groceries might have higher side effects than those that are bought from pharmacies. It is then imperative for food supplement takers to know their brand well and if seen effective must stick to it instead of causing a greater likelihood for negative side effects brought about by food supplements.